About Us

First Quality Service, Individual Counseling and Full-Time Support

With more than 15 years of experince and more than 5000 patients, the medicalfly team in Germany and Turkey is glad to present a first class support and consultation.

With a total of 22 members in our offices in Berlin, Izmir and Istanbul, we help our clients who apply from all over the world to find the right treatment with our expert partner hospitals, clinics and doctors in Turkey, and we complete the entire travel organization in a professional manner.

With advantages such as; first quality service, approachable prices, personalised treatment plans, 7/24 support before and after the surgery and support in main language we help our clients get the right treatments in the plastic surgery, hair transplant, eye surgeries, dental treatments, and IVF departments.

Medicalfly was seen fit by the T.R. Ministry of Health for a “health tourism licence of authorization” which is only given to elite organizations and is officially authorised to be working in the health tourism field.

Health first

Our partner hospitals, clinics and doctors in our portfolio have been selected as a result of a long and meticulous selection process. Thanks to our business partners who have adopted our “health first” principle with us as a result of numerous hospital managers, professors, doctors, industry authorities, research, supervisory institution reports and surveys, our clients receive service with a peace of mind.

With our “health first” principle, we see our patients as a part of our family and glad to accompany them on their journey to a healthier life.

Medicalfly philosophy

As the Medicalfly family, our primary goal is to help individuals reach a higher quality of life and take healthy steps to bring happiness to their lives. For this reason, we want to ensure that high quality and world-class health services provided by expert hands are delivered to everyone at affordable costs.

First class service:

When it comes to health, we choose the right doctor, hospital and clinic for our clients, and we help create personalized treatment plans by experts. The whole process has been created with a quality and client-oriented service philosophy, and the steps are meticulously organized.

Further every day

Every day we ask ourselves whether we achieved this goal or not and the next day we discus what we can do to make it better.

Health first

Our patients are like family to us, thus their health is important to us as much our own families. For this reason we adopted the “health first” slogan and prepare and present all our services along with this ideology