Our founder and manager


Founder General Manager
“As Özge Tor Vural, I am one of those who dared to do what she was passionate about.

Since my university years, I have been looking for a sector where I can use my communication, planning and persuasion management skills. This research allowed me to study at different universities and departments such as the University of Bremen and the Technical University of Berlin.

I believe that the breaking point of many stories begins with a need or a desire.

The story of Medicalfly actually started with a treatment need I felt for myself. Like many people who are uncomfortable with wearing contact lenses, my desire to have eye laser surgery would actually be a surprising starting point for my work. Due to the high costs of treatment and hospital expenses in Germany, I found myself researching a health institution in Turkey.

It was very important for me to get this service from Turkey’s well-equipped hospitals and specialists at a much more affordable price than Germany. When I saw the similar problems and needs of many people around me in different fields, I decided that I wanted to take part in the medical tourism sector.
After this decision, I did research on medical tourism for many years, attended seminars and conferences, participated in global fairs and contacted Turkey’s largest hospitals, had different studies in which I gained important experience in different institutions.
In 2012, I established Medical Fly GmbH, which provides services in the field of medical tourism in Germany and in 2015 we established Medical Fly Ltd Şti partnership, which provides services in the field of medical tourism in Turkey.
Today, medicalfly; is a large team of experienced doctors and health professionals who love their job in bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, dentistry, in vitro fertilization and hair transplantation.
As a team, we work with the awareness that transparency, trust and patience are the most important values for this business.
It is an amazing feeling to be a bridge between these two countries, creating a company that I have put in the centre of my life in the countries which I wan born and raised in.
One of the sources of motivation for me and my team is to support and encourage people of many different nationalities from all over Germany and Europe to take a step towards their health, to cross borders so that they feel healthy and happy again.
It is truly an extraordinary feeling to continue this story, which was born after my individual needs but started with an entrepreneurial spirit, as a strong business woman who owns one of the leading medical tourism companies in Germany and Turkey, while at the same time touching people’s lives.
As the Medicalfly family, we dream of achieving more success and making more people happy every day, and we always set our goals in this direction in order to do more.”


General manager
“After many years of being a manager in my own family company in Germany, where we carried out important and great works, I transferred the company to my brothers and direct all my time, experience and energy to Medical Fly GmbH and Medical Fly Ltd., which we managed as a family with my wife Özge Tor Vural.
With the energy and dedication of our work together, we managed to grow the medicalfly brand in a short time, to achieve great successe, to expand our partner network, and to serve our clients in a better and wider range.
We continue to do our business with the expertise and reliability of our long years of experience, and with the pride of doing our job properly, we, as the medicalfly family, continue our work with our employees in various cities of Germany and Turkey.
It is very pleasing to contribute to the happiness, changes and new lifestyles of people from almost all over the world and to touch their lives in this journey we as continue as a big family with all our teammates and clients.
As Medicalfly, we want to reach more people by maintaining our reliable and transparent service approach. It is one of our biggest goals to contribute to the lives of more of our clients in different countries, without departing from our service philosophy that we have adopted for years.”