Taking the first step is the most important!

As soon as the patient gets in contact with our expert consultants, our consultants inform the patient about the desired surgery on the treatment and procedures in detail. With the provided information from the patients our partner surgeons make a detailed examination draws a path on how to proceed.
When the decision is made, all the appointment dates and the travel dates are made by the medicalfly team. Flight tickets, hotel reservations and transfer services are also planned and is forwarded to the patient.
Within the transparent pricing talked ahead, with commitment to the spoken plan, your treatment is carried out. After all is done our VIP transfer service takes you back to the airport and the medicalfly team stays in touch for up to 2 years.

Post operational services

Not just before and while the surgery but also after you return to your country we continue staying in contact and follow your healing process. Regular blood tests, pictures and medication usage are asked and the information is shared with our partner surgeons after the reconditions are shared with the patient.

Psychologist and nutritionist support

In some packages or on patients request a psychologist support can be set online or face to face before the surgery with medicalfly’s expert physiatrists. With surgeries such as Gastric sleeve, one being before one being after 2 sessions in total are set free of charge.
In order to reduce the risk of treatments and to have a better procedure with the weight related operations, medicalfly’s experienced nutritionists keeps track of our clients free of charge and also is there for the patients for proper dieting.

Medicalfly philosophy

As the Medicalfly family, our primary goal is to help individuals reach a higher quality of life and take healthy steps to bring happiness to their lives. For this reason, we want to ensure that high quality and world-class health services provided by expert hands are delivered to everyone at affordable costs.

First class service

When it comes to health, we choose the right doctor, hospital and clinic for our clients, and we help create personalized treatment plans by experts. The whole process has been created with a quality and client-oriented service philosophy, and the steps are meticulously organized.

Further every day

Every day we ask ourselves whether we achieved this goal or not and the next day we discus what we can do to make it better.

Health First

Our patients are like family to us, thus their health is important to us as much our own families. For this reason we adopted the “health first” slogan and prepare and present all our services along with this ideology